At first,

Let me introduce myself.

I’m Minoru, I’m from Osaka.

I’ve worked in Kyoto branch from this April as a freshman.

I like sports, especially baseball, rugby, listening music, one direction, westlife.


Both I and Miss Aya will write this blog in English.

Because our company started to advance to oversees.

The countiies are Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, etc


We want to protect the environment, not only Japan but also all over the world!!

We think it’s our roll!!


From the next time, we will tell our product, people who work in this company and how to save energy easyly.

We can do many action through our daily life for the earth.

Like, recycle, Using LED light, walk without using car, etc…..


By the way, I forgot to tell you the title of this blog.

The title is Pal freshman think about the energy saving seriously


Please look forward to next time・^^・