Palcosmo Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer that is expert in developing and producing the BEMS.

BEMS stands for Building Energy Management System; the system is not only able to control the energy consumption but also contributes to its main purpose "The Environmental Protection" and "Save More Environmental Resources".

Our mission is to reduce energy consumption for establishing one sustainable society all over the world.  The "Posiwatt" such as solar power and wind power generation came into limelight in these decades.  However, the "Negawatt" is also a powerful solution for saving limited resources.

BEMS we offer is known as "PN-SERIES"  has been already installed in all over Japan for more than 1000 places, where they mostly been installed in social welfare facility, nursing homes, hospitals, supermarkets, commercial facilities, hotels and resorts, pharmacies, and many more.

"PN-SERIES" is selected as a certified Energy Management System by General Incorporated Association SII (Sustainable Open Innovation Initiative)

PN-XERO detects excessive operations of air conditioning units by controlling the temperature of our living space. Then controls air conditioning outer units without spoiling the amenity and leads to electricity bills cost reduction.


Hyundai Motor(Thailand)Co., Ltd.

Reduced 11% in power consumption.

Target A/C units:34(Compressor capacity 576.8kW ) reduced 9,000kWh in power consumption in a month,it's about 11.6 %


Aoi-no-sono Yamato Geriatric Healthcare Facility

29.3% annual reduction of contracted demand

Target A/C outer units:10(Compressor capacity:201.3kW)
It has succeeded in both keeping the amenity area and cutting cost.


East Nippon Expressway Company Limited.Pasar Miyoshi

The reduction of contracted demand 12% annually!

The key point that could be a large amount of reduction, the store is open 24/7.

特別養護老人ホーム 秀華宛様

Special elderly nursing home Shukaen

23% annual reduction of contracted demand

It has succeeded in both keeping the amenity area and cutting cost.
Also, energy saving improves employees so that they will mind how to save more energy.


Ina Food Industry Co., Ltd.

The reduction of Contracted demand12% and Electricity Consumption8%

Contracted demand 595kW→530kW
Reduced about 100,000kWh in power consumption.



Reduced 11% in power consumption

Target A/C outer units:34(Compressor capacity:576.8kW )About 9,000kWh(11.6%) in power consumption monthly.