PN-XERO Automatic energy optimization system

PN-XERO is an energy saving support system by monitoring, analyzing data and "automatic control."

The system saves energy use by setting a temperature for control AC units and a condition control. 

-PN-XERO is the new generation of BEMS-

Cost Reduction in Electricity/Gas Bill by Automatic Control System

Air Conditioners Control, LED Lights Control, Freezers Control

Warning from Monitoring System

Able to monitor the details on which units are being controlled and how much energy/money you save in real-time, Direct warning to the electronic devices,

remote control and safety zone for keeping datas in the Head quaters in Nagano, Japan.

Recorded Datas and Support Services

Records on energy consumption and amount of money saved each minutes are recorded 24 hours non-stop and all of the data will be kept in the Head Quarters private server.

How to...

By putting the thermo-sensor at the human heights, the system detects excessive A/C use and it saves electricity and gas use. 

System configuration

The main units records the data every minutes from appliances such as air conditioners, lighting units and freezers so that it can monitor the total power consumption of the buildings and keep a comfortable temperature. By analysis results would help your company energy saving more.

Target category of business

       「Suparmarkets」「Pharmacies」「Retail Shops」「Schools 」「Factories」「Offices」

Air Conditioning units


More than 8 split type AC units and Non problem of the conditions

Target Scale



Electricity charge(par month)


More than 0.8M US Dollars

Amount of Energy consumption(par month)


More than 25,000kWh

The controlling methods

1."Temperature feed back"

"Temperature feed back" control system
   By putting our thermo-sensor at head of height, about 160cm from the floor, the system detects excessive AC use and don't have to wait for the entire upper area of the room to cool which people cannot notice and it is a waste of energy.


2.Demand control

In general, power demand is determined by every 30 minutes in Japan. Our product maintain and reduce that power demand amount through the temperature feedback control. 

The sample of reduction effects by PN-XERO

▲Daily reduction amount graphics


As of 2011,energy saving plan is required to reduce 1% every year,analysis data and continue to long term.

PN-XERO's monitoring screen

After installing, we will keep you updated and provide monthly reports of your energy use. We care about our customers savings and always include advice each month on how to keep your energy use down.

Also, the data can be monitored with any internet device such as a tablet or smartphone 24/7.

Operation Panels

▲Main menu

▲Current power saving graphics

▲Current power using graphics

▲Air conditioner operation data


The Samples of Monthly Report

▲Monthly data

▲Hourly data

▲Daily data

The Sample of Analysis

▲Hourly data of amount of electric power and energy reduction