Product Information

「MONITORING」「CONTROLLING」possibly made New Energy Saving Solution

『Electricity』and『Gas』will be monitored every minute and automatically controlled. This allows system to save more energy and control the air conditioning units without losing the amenity in the expected areas.  PN-SERIES will mainly control the air conditioning units (EHP) and Gas used air conditioning units (GHP) to reduce the excessive operations.

Data for the amount of energy saved from using electricity or gas, or even temperatures in each area will be monitored and controlled by the cloud servers in the Head Quarter. Experts in our company will analyse and plan the best scenario in terms of your needs in temperature control in particular areas for your company to fulfil your needs and cost reduction. 

Fast result in potential reduction in electricity bills the day after the installation!!

We proudly introduce "PN-XERO" by Palcosmo

We support everyone in any fields of Business to save more energy, to save more money!!

What we often see a lot is that people are started to be interested in saving energy today, they mostly use "Monitoring" solution to see the details on their air conditioning performances or lighting performance, and try to manually turn on and off according to the needs they analyzed from the "monitoring" solution.  However, people make mistakes such as people sometimes forget to turn off the air conditioners or the lights.  People are different and they prefer different room temperatures, some people like cooler temperature but some people feel too cold.  

PN-XERO is here to put an end to "Energy Saving Solution" by Humans. The system will automatically perform and support the energy saving.

What is more, energy saving solution is different from demand controller which has been existed for a couple of years.  Demand controller will only warn and control the air conditioning units in order to lower the "Demand Peak".  However, PN-XERO will not only allow you to control the demand peak, but also will control the temperature within the space to be the setting temperature all time and people will not feel dissatisfaction towards the pleasant stay, yet capable to reduce electricity costs more than Demand Controller ever could.

PN-XERO is available to...

●Supermarkets・Hospitals・Nursing HomesCar Dealers

●Retailers・Amusement Facility

●School・Banks・Office Buildings・Factory・Hotels

【Target Scale】

・More than 600㎡

・Electricity and gass fees/more than 0.8M yen every month

・Power consumption/more than 25,000kWh every month

Results in Installation 

1. Reduction in amount of electricity energy used


2. Reduction in carbon dioxide emissions

for service details

  • Temperature FeedBack・Monitoring
  • Customer's help in daily energy saving
  • Most wanted functions all in PN-XERO