Case study

Sample Case Study for Nursing Home

To maintain amenity in an A/C area with saving energy


 In a nursing home, about 40% of electricity bills are consumed by A/C units and they're on 24 hours.

 Especially, the peak power demand and power consumption is in the winter.

 By installing our system, temperature of A/C was set not for the workers, but only for the patients' amenity. 



                                                     ・Keep amenity area and cost saving.

                                                      ・Improved employees' awareness for

                                                        saving energy



Sample case Study for Hospital

To think of patient's amenity first, and to save more energy


 There are about 400 beds for patients and have saved energy by installing PN-XERO to control air conditioning temperature only for the patients.

 In addition, a lot of energy has been saved every year as we have expected and this hospital wishes to set temperature in particular areas differently depending on

    times of day (Morning, Afternoon, and Evening).




                  ・Keep amenity area and cost saving

                  ・Improved employees' awareness for

                                                       saving energy



Sample Case Study for Commercial Facility

They couldn't possibly manage to save energy before installation.


Saving energy considered one of the important factors to the business but keeping amenity area for customers is also the most important thing at commercial facilities.

Normally, workers and store experts are looking at the temperature display and saving energy manually. However, it's difficult for everyone to perform and save energy by human power, it will not last  forever. PN-XERO is the automatic-energy optimization system        

     which can be solved those difficult problems.


                 ・Keeping amenity area for costumer and 

                                                      saving energy at the same time

                 ・Reducing power consumption is beneficial



Sample Case Study for Factory

Keeping amenity area for workers and saving energy at the same time


Too much energy consumption is one of the problems at the factory, this factory wishes to save more of energy.

There are some problems for example, productivity of workers may be dropped down because of the unsuitable controlling of A/C units and the temperatures within the area create dissatisfaction for workers due to the working place are not comfortable to work at (too hot, too cold).  This will also be the major cause of excessive operations of

     A/C, which would lead to higher cost of electricity bill.

     PN-XERO can create amenity area for workers to work and lower the

     cost for electricity bills.


                 ・Keeping amenity area and cost saving

                 ・There are big merit by reducing power




Sample Case Study for Office Building

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