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The Company that Contributes to IT for Reducing Carbon Dioxide

■Our Policy

【By Protecting Global Environment Helps the Company to Grow Bigger】

 Our Motto is "Doing something for Earth gives advantages to Company", "Doing something for Company gives advantages to Human "
Our company, Palcosmo offer firms, factories, hospitals, supermarkets and everywhere else that desire to save more energy and reduce electricity cost by setting up the system to "Monitor" the energy consumption every minute 24 hours in real-time and reduce the energy consumption mainly by controlling the air condition units. 

Japanese government supports our product "PN-SERIES" because this helps Japan for saving more energy and our system is considered a new solution to the world as well as renewable energy, they both give advantages to Environment and Business.
This issue has only begun recently, but global environment is one of the important tasks to discuss.  Our system has not only been installed in Japan, but they have already been installed in Southeast Asia and we are planning to expand our market starting from Thailand.


CEO Obuse Sumio