About Us

 Only the reality can survive this era…

We desire to become 100 years company with our 'Personality' and 'Technology'.

Coporate profile

Company name

Palcosmo Co., Ltd

Head office


Matsuoka, Nagano city, Nagano
TEL +81-26-222-1141

FAX +81-26-222-5137 

Established June 1st, 1982

Sumio Obuse


Main bank The Hachijuni bank, ltd. Minami nagaike branch
 Nagano shinkin bank  Mamejima branch
 Mizuho bank, Ltd. Nagano branch 
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Nagano branch
Scope of business

●Developing, producing, and selling control and monitoring system such as Energy Management System

◎An automatic energy optimization system 'PN-XERO' series

●Energy saving consultant 

Registered trade marks



Palcosmo Co., Ltd.  Registration number of the trademark:5760406
PN-XERO Registration number of the trademark:5743655 


Office location


【Tokyo branch】

 6th Floor of Okayasu bldg. 1-12-2 Ueno, Taitoku, tokyo
TEL +81-3-3831-0688

FAX +81-3-3831-0689

【Kyoto branch】


7th Floor of Yoshioka Oike bldg. 670-1 Marukizaimokucho, Nakagyoku, Kyoto city, Kyoto

TEL +81-75-256-8818

FAX +81-75-256-8817

【Kyushu brunch】

4th Floor of Tsuruta Keyaki bldg. A-1

1-1-5 Akasaka, Chuo, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka

TEL +81-92-791-4747
FAX +81-92-406-1151